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35 Iconic Taekwondo Photos of the Chandler Family
Last blog, we brought you my sister Jessica’s maternity session. This time, we’re bringing you my other sister, Katie, and her family – The Chandlers. Dustin, Dusty, and Robin have been training Taekwondo since 2016. Dustin received his blackbelt June 19, 2020. Dusty and Robin received their black belts on October 24, 2020. A big part of the session was meant to commemorate Dustin, Dusty, and Robin’s recent achievements in Taekwondo, however, we also snagged a few Christmas themed family photos including Katie and Willow. TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville Sports Photography
27 Iconic Maternity Portraits of Jessica Young
My sister and brother in law welcomed their 8th child, Meadow, in December. Yes, you read that right. 8. Jessica and David are great parents. She is super woman! Jessica never ceases to amaze me with all she does from running her own business, to raising the kids and so much more. I can text Jessica with any kind of question, and she’s always there for me. This session was honestly one of my favorite sessions we’ve ever done of her. Jessica’s dress was perfect. It was a beautiful design, the color looked amazing on her, and it complimented each location in the best way possible. Dallas, Jessica’s oldest daughter, accompanied us as well. We couldn’t pass up on getting some shots of Jessica and Dallas together, as well as a few shots of our own with Dallas. Dallas is a great big sister, niece, and helper! Here are some of our favorite images from her session. Enjoy TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville Sports Photography
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville presents the Boys & Girls Washburn Pirates Basketball Teams & Cheerleaders of Washburn High School! It’s always an amazing time working with Washburn, and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2021 than by sharing this set of images featuring the Washburn Pirates Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball and Cheerleading Team! Thank you student athletes, teachers, coaches, and parents for another successful year! Also, thanks to the Cheerleaders for coaching me into performing an awesome toe touch, even though I regretted it for several days after! Enjoy 68 Iconic Portraits of Washburn High School Basketball & Cheer 2021!
Dec 29
53 Iconic Daddy Daughter Portraits of Varnell and Joslyn
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present Varnell & Josyln. Photographing Varnell & Joslyn was a very fun, unique experience. After all, we’ve never photographed a daddy / daughter session before. Varnell did an amazing job coordinating outfits for the shoot, and Joslyn was the perfect little model. We loved being able to capture the scenery of the Peppermint Trail in and around Market Square. Enjoy 53 Iconic Daddy / Daughter Portraits of Varnell and Joslyn! TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville Sports Photography
40 Iconic Senior Portraits of Cady Class of 2021
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present Cady, Senior, Class of 2021. We had an amazing time photographing Cady’s senior portraits around Downtown Knoxville and Market Square. One of our favorite parts of Cady’s session was photographing her with her mom and sister in front of the Women’s Suffridge statue in Market Square. Cady was actually named after Elizabeth Cady Stanton, author of the Women’s Bill of Rights. That detail was truly fascinating to us! Cady was so easy to work with, and very photogenic. We also had the privilege of shooting in great weather and several new locations firsts! Enjoy 40 Iconic Senior portraits of Cady, Class of 2021 TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville Sports Photography
38 Iconic Portraits of the Heritage High School Choir
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present the Heritage High School Choir under the direction of Mr. Tyler Owens. The Lenz' have know Mr. Owens since our days of studying music together at Carson Newman. It's not too often we get the privilege of photographing musicians, but we always love the opportunity to work with fellow artists! To date, this shoot was the first time we've photographed a choir, and we're very happy with the way the shoot came together. Not only did the portraits turn out amazing, but we had tons of fun getting to know the students and their parents. We're excited to share some of our favorite images from the shoot and can't wait to see how the banners turn out! A big thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Owens for helping put together this shoot with your group of talented, young musicians. We hope to work with the Heritage Choir again in the future!
65 Iconic Photos of Frankie and Alex’s Wedding
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present Frankie and Alex! We can all agree that this year has been crazy, but there’s always a silver lining if you’re willing to search hard enough. And although we’ve had a lot of down time in the photography world this year, we’ve used that time to our advantage by photographing some fun, creative projects we wouldn’t have had the time to photograph, otherwise. One of our favorite projects this year has been working with Frankie at Allie Fa Vintage in Morristown. Not only does Frankie have an amazing store in Downtown Morristown filled with unique vintage clothing, but she is such an amazingly cool, creative individual. The Lenz’ are thankful that we worked with Frankie at Allie Fa Vintage, because that’s led us forming a relationship with Frankie, her husband Alex, and other amazing friends such as Haley and Jacqueline. Generally, we don’t shoot a lot of weddings. However, couples like Frankie and Alex inspire us to create unique and dramatic couple’s portraits. The Rose Center in Morristown made an awesome backdrop for a few wedding portraits on the fly. (…even if we did have to crack a few skulls in order […]
25 Iconic Portraits of the c4 Force Softball Team
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present the C4 Force Softball team! We had a great time photographing these young ladies. They are a very talented group of athletes and we wish them tons of success in their current season. A huge thank you goes out to the athletes, the parents, and the coaches for making this shoot a huge success. Enjoy 25 Iconic Portraits of the C4 Force Softball Team!
33 Iconic Halloween Portraits inspired by The Craft
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present a Halloween Special featuring Aimee, Amber, Aubrey, JeanAnn, & Laura. If you've ever seen the 1996 American supernatural horror film, "The Craft" then you know exactly where the inspiration for this styled shoot was derived. We can't take all the credit, though. These beautiful ladies showed up in full outfits, and even had some killer props including a spooky Spell Book that took the shoot to the next level! Enjoy 33 Iconic Halloween Portraits Inspired by The Craft!
53 Iconic Senior Portraits of Faythe Summers 2021 Oak Ridge High School Senior
Lenz Photography is proud to present 2021 Oak Ridge High School Senior, Faythe Summers. The Lenz’ have worked with Faythe, alongside her brother Aaron and sister Mya, as far back as 2014. We also photographed senior portraits of Aaron in 2015 and Mya in 2017. Faythe is the last of the trio of siblings, so it was an exceptionally fun experience since we already feel like part of the family at this point! Faythe had many amazing outfits to choose ranging from dressy to casual. Ella, the husky, made her cameo and posed for several shots. Cherokee lake made for an amazing backdrop, and even though we got rained on we still wouldn’t change a thing about the session! We hope Faythe’s 2021 Senior Year at Oak Ridge turns out as amazing as her Senior Portraits! TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville Sports Photography
53 Iconic Photos of Emma with her boa Imperator and Reticulated Python
Lenz Photography of Knoxville is proud to present Emma Grace with her Boa Imperator, Shibari, and reticulated python, Kronos. Lately, we’ve been working hard to install some turf behind our studio in order to shoot athletes with a home field advantage. Before we cleared off the tons kudzu that was taking over our backyard, we thought it’d be cool to do a themed shoot. We’ve known Emma for several years through jiu jitsu, so we figured there wasn’t a better way to commemorate the overgrown jungle by throwing some snakes in the mix. Emma has owned snakes since high school, where she would keep them by “hiding them in her room”. Kronos is 1.5 years old, and Shibari is 5 years old. Now we know many people have a fear of snakes, but these snakes were actually very tame. We’re glad that Emma was down to model for us, and we’re very excited to see how athletes look using a similar set up once the turf is complete. Last but not least, a big thanks also goes to Brandon for helping out during the shoot and filming some behind the scenes footage. TEXT ICONIC TO 24587 FOR BOOKING INFORMATION. Knoxville […]
Lata and Sujan’s Wedding Day July 25th 2020
Lenz Photography is proud to present newlyweds Lata and Sujan. The following is a tribute from the Lenz’s to the newlyweds Lata and Sujan: Lata has been a friend of the Lenz’s ever since we collectively met at Carson Newman College in 2011. However, Alexandra and Lata have known each other for over 17 years – dating all the way back to their days of playing clarinet at high school band camp. Lata has been a great friend over the years. We have shared countless laughs and wild adventures. Lata was even a huge part of our elopement in Washington D.C. back in 2016. Although we have had tons of fun, one thing that we have to credit Lata with is being one of the hardest workers whom we have the privilege of calling a friend. She is incredibly studious and holds herself to a high standard. As a matter of fact, Lata just recently received her Doctorate in Statistics from Virginia Tech. A little bit of backstory for insight; Lata and Sujan met in April of 2019. They quickly hit it off, and got engaged on October 12th. Now, it is popular in Indian culture to have an auspicious […]
56 Iconic Portraits at Allie Fa Vintage in Downtown Morristown
Lenz Photography, LLC of Knoxville is proud to display the fashion styled by Frankie O’Neil — owner of Allie Fa Vintage located in Downtown Morristown, TN. Allie Fa Vintage has a great selection of unique, Vintage and thrifted Clothing; home decor; shoes; jewelry; & more. A big thank you goes to Sadie, Cassie, Gretchen for their modeling talents. These three lovely ladies are Seniors at Morristown East, and we thought it would be a really fun way to kick off their senior year by having a stylized shoot at Allie Fa Vintage. Last but not least, another big thank you goes to Frankie for allowing us to shoot in her store and borrow many unique pieces of clothing. If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, make sure to drop by Allie Fa Vintage in Downtown Morristown. You won’t be disappointed!
10 Iconic Photos of Hip Hop Artist Ride My vibe
Lenz Photography, LLC of Knoxville is proud to present hip hop artist Ride My Vibe. If you're into hip hop music, check out Ride My Vibe's social links above. He's a local artist who just dropped a new song today, and it's also his birthday! We've talked back and forth for a while about doing a session, and we're glad to be able to photograph some of the promo material for his newest musical project.