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62 Iconic Photos ft the Softball Playing Costello Sisters Lyonna, Laniya, & Lyric
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville presents the Costello Sisters, Lyonna, Laniya, & Lyric! As we were setting up a softball session for the Costello sisters, we learned that they were cousins of Keisha Griffin Monroe who just happened to being heading to Morristown from Clarksville for a family visit. Nobody can brings out their "Iconic side" in front of the camera better than Malachi and Tahj, so the fact that these three sisters were family to Keisha and the boys, we knew that Lyonna, Laniya, & Lyric were going to shine in the spotlight! And that they did! The 3 Costello sisters may have different personalities, but they all share the same sense of humor. They channeled their game faces for their portraits, but believe us when we say that it was all smiles and laughter between sets. In their own words, they're "gooerious." When we asked them what gooerious meant, it was a combination of goofy and serious. Needless to say, we haven't stopped laughing yet! This set features 62 Iconic Photos ft the Softball Playing Costello Sisters Lyonna, Laniya, & Lyric!
33 Iconic Photos ft Greg Blankenship of Gregory’s Greenhouse Productions
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville presents Greg Blankenship of Gregory's Greenhouse Productions. As many of you know, the Lenzes bought our first house this past May. We were lucky enough to find the perfect location close to downtown Knoxville with a large detached garage that we converted into our new photography studio. Now, we mention that because whether you're a friend, family member, or client, the first thing everyone usually comments on is all the amazing plants! From the front yard, to the large planter pots outside the studio entrance, to the dozens of plants in the sunroom gallery we have really put some time and effort into decking the place out with as many plants as possible! A portion of our prolific plant collection wouldn't be possible without Greg. The first time we met Greg was at the local Farmer's Market where we purchased two of our most unique plants, our pineapple plant and pencil cactus. After chatting a bit with Greg, we learned that he was responsible for all the beautiful planters you see around the downtown area. [blockquote quote_type="" author_name="Greg Blankenship" width="100%" float="left"]The company began as a dogwood tree nursery in 1991. Early on, I incorporated some landscaping and lawn care into his nursery in order to generate the cash needed to become established in business. Over the years, I started building greenhouses and learned how to grow many different types of plants. Even though it was a struggle, throughout all the hard work, the love for the community and the love for plants kept the business alive. Today, Gregory’s Greenhouse Productions has about 6,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse growing space and an additional 3,000 sq. ft. outdoors and about 80% of the business is wholesale.[/blockquote] Being able to photograph Greg in his environment was an amazing experience that combined two of our favorite elements into one: plants and photography. And we can't forget about meeting his cute pup, Beamer! We truly had a blast creating portraits of Greg while competing to see who could come up with the most quick-witted comedy. Thank you for an awesome session, Greg, and thanks again for the plants! We would give Gregory's Greenhouse Productions two green thumbs up! This set features 35 Iconic Photos ft Greg Blankenship of Gregory's Greenhouse Productions!
27 Iconic Photos of the Victory Brothers sporting Gladiator Football
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville presents Gladiator football players Matthew & Andrew Victory. If you thought Lenz was a cool last name for photographers, Matthew & Andrew may have upstaged us by being athletes with the last name Victory. It truly doesn't get any better than that! These two brothers were focused during their studio session, and we know that attitude directly reflects how focused they are when they're on the field. From the portraits of the brothers as a duo to their individual portraits, Matthew & Andrew brought the sauce! When it comes to being Iconic, the Victory brothers are undoubtedly victorious. This set features 27 Iconic Photos of the Victory Brothers sporting Gladiator Football!
19 Iconic Photos of Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Courtney Burlingame
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville brings you jiu jitsu athlete Courtney Burlingame! When it comes to training hard, Courtney is no stranger. No wonder she had recent success in competition although she was just promoted to blue belt! Courtney's training consists of Kicktrain, Maxfit, and Jiu Jitsu at Fit Factory 5 days a week. But it doesn't stop there. Courtney also trains 5 days a week at the Pedro Sauer association, Alpha and Omega. Courtney has lost 80 pounds with Jiu Jitsu and the Kicktrain and Maxfit with Gene Click Fit Factory. Most impressively, Courtney does it all while being the wife of a farmer and badass mommy of 2! This set features 19 Iconic Photos of Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Courtney Burlingame!
36 Iconic Senior Portraits of Garrett Gribble from Maryville High School
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville brings you jiu jitsu athlete and Class of 2019 Senior, Garrett Gribble, of Maryville High School! We have personally known and trained jiu jitsu with Garrett for over a year and a half. However, Garrett has been training for almost 10 years! If you can't tell from all the gold hardware, Garrett has competed in dozens of jiu jitsu tournaments since his childhood. As a matter of fact, the gold medal you see in front (photographed above) is one of Garrett's proudest accomplishment. Garrett earned that particular gold medal by locking up a guillotine submission in the first 15 seconds of a match! Not only did we create amazing jiu jitsu portraits of Garrett, but we were also able to photograph a few casual portraits of Garrett at a Maryville park that is sentimental to the family. Garrett's mom, Darlene, has taken Garrett on walks at Sandy Springs Park since he was in a stroller! Moreover, Garrett's grandfather worked for the park for 18 years and even planted the tree in the first few portraits. Now, we won't embarrass Garret by telling the "trolls under the bridge" story, or how he used to "count the light poles" from his stroller, but the list of reasons why Sandy Springs Park is sentimental to the family goes on and on! A big thanks goes to Maryville Jiu Jitsu for allowing us to shoot at their gym between classes. And also, a big shout out goes to "Baby Joe", Joesph Watson, for letting Garrett man handle him during the shoot! This set features 36 Iconic Senior Portraits of Garrett Gribble from Maryville High School!
48 Iconic Senior Portraits of Mikala Livesay of Morristown West
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville brings you our first Class of 2019 Senior, Mikala Livesay, of Morristown Hamblen High School West! Over the years, we have worked with Mikala and her brother C.J. creating many Iconic portraits along the way. For these portraits, Mikala was riding solo, but we don't think she minded being the star of the show. Thankfully, Julie came along to assist during the session which really helped nail the small details. After all, the more Livesays the better! As with anyone we've previously photographed, we strive to top the last portrait session. And what better way of going above-and-beyond than to photograph the session at a secret garden we discovered? We began by photographing casual shots of Mikala in various locations around the gardens and concluded with the trademark "Iconic Sports Portraits" in her Morristown West Cheerleading uniform. We think it's safe to say that these portraits of Mikala are the best to date! But don't our word for it. See for yourself! This set features 48 Iconic Senior Portraits of Mikala Livesay of Morristown West!
49 Iconic Photos of the 2018 Hardin Valley Academy Senior Football Squad
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville is excited to present the Senior Hardin Valley Academy Football Squad for the 4th year in a row! We love shooting the images for the team banners and locker room door wraps for Hardin Valley Academy. Each year, it feels like the shots get better and better! This year, thanks to the assistance of our friend and jiu jitsu training partner, Johnathan Rodrigues, we were even able to put together a short behind the scenes video! A big shout out to this year's group of Seniors for making the shoot easy and to the parents and coaches that helped put the shoot together! Go Hawks! This set features 49 Iconic Photos of the 2018 Hardin Valley Academy Senior Football Squad!
61 Iconic Dance portraits of Sadie Johnston
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville was excited to bring you Sadie Johnston's studio portrait session in 2016, but this on-location session in 2018... Just WOW! Not only is Sadie's set amazing, but today is also her 15th birthday! So, the timing couldn't be better to drop this set of portraits! There are good athletes, there are great athletes, and there are Iconic athletes. Just by examining her attention to detail and technique, we'll gladly testify that Sadie is on her way to being the best of the best. Sadie has been involved in dance since she was 3 years old and dancing competitively for 6 years. During the summer of 2018, Sadie attended the Nashville Ballet Summer Intensive. After two weeks of intense training, we were lucky enough to capture some amazing portraits of Sadie in some of the most Iconic locations in Knoxville. Iconic? Ironic? You be the judge. All we know is that Sadie is on her way to becoming a masterful ballet, pointe, acro, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dancer. Happy birthday, Sadie! This set features 61 Iconic Dance portraits of Sadie Johnston!
Jul 16
29 Iconic Newborn Portraits of Scarlett EllaMae Davis
It's not every day that Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville brings you a set of newborn portraits, but when you think about it, what's more iconic than being born?!? Scarlett's parents, Adam and Chelsea, have been some of our best friends for years. As a married couple, we're so excited to see them experience this new stage of life together. Chelsea and Adam adore Scarlett, and we know that they are going to be the most amazing parents ever! Whatever Scarlett choses to do in life, we're sure that she'll have an amazing set of parents that support and encourage her to be the best version of herself that she possibly can. So, undoubtedly, there will be many more Iconic portraits throughout the years! Congratulations again, to new parents, Adam and Chelsea Davis. Thanks for letting us play a small role in Scarlett's first days by creating a few newborn portraits in your new home! This set features 29 Iconic Newborn Portraits of Scarlett EllaMae Davis!
38 Iconic Fitness and Nutrition Photos of Dawn Huggins Smith
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville is proud to bring you a set of photos straight from the farms of Athens, TN! You've heard the phrase farm-to-table, but these portraits are farm-to-computer-screen. Either way, I think we discovered the organic way to be Iconic. We truly cannot say enough about Dawn. Not only was her portrait session amazing, but the hard work and dedication that she puts into her gardening also translates well into her fitness regimen. Dawn and her husband, Cary, have amazing landscaping, so we had no shortage of locations for environmental portraits. But that's not all! Their home gym was also equally impressive, as you would expect from a family that loves to work out and stay fit. We learned so much about plants and fitness just in the few hours that we hung out it was insane! Thanks again, Dawn and Cary, for opening up your amazing home to us and treating us like life long friends from the get go! We truly felt the southern hospitality from hanging out and sipping red wine after the shoot to the bag of veggies, fertilizer, neem oil, and plant that you sent us home with! Hopefully we cross paths again in the near future! If you're into fitness and nutrition, meal & training plans, or just want to check out all of Dawn's other amazing photos, follow her on Instagram @DawnHugginsSmith This set features 38 Iconic Fitness and Nutrition Photos of Dawn Huggins Smith!
Jun 20
28 Iconic Maternity Photos of Chelsea & Adam Davis
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville is proud to bring you a maternity session featuring two of our best friends in the whole entire world, Chelsea & Adam Davis! Chelsea & Adam have been together for over a decade, and we truly think they are one of the greatest couples with a relationship that most spend an entire lifetime trying to find. We're not only glad to call the Davis' our friends, but we're glad that they always let us photograph their family portraits! In the past, we've shot several portrait sessions of Chelsea & Adam including sessions with Chelsea's sister, Angelica, and her husband, Allan. Those sessions have always been some of our favorites! Now, we've moved on to maternity and (soon) newborn portraits! Documenting all of the different stages of life through photographs is fun, however, when it's with friends it's absolutely a blast! From the Lenz's with love, we'd like to congratulate Chelsea & Adam on this new stage of life they're entering together. We can't wait to meet (and photograph) baby Scarlett EllaMae!
34 Iconic Photos of Katharyn and Dustin Chandler Wedding
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville brings you something a little different this time. Katharyn is my second oldest sister, and on April 7th, she and Dustin got married! Katharyn and I were close growing up. So close that at times, I even called her mom. I've seen her go through a lot of challenges growing up, but she always pushed through and made sure to keep a good sense of humor along the way. Katie's laugh and smile is radiant, so we had to highlight some of our favorite images in more than just the slideshow. One of the biggest challenges I have seen Katie overcome with pure strength, faith, and with good direction is when she became pregnant with my niece her senior year of high school. Katie had Harley a month before graduating, but I feel that she used that for even more motivation. She went to Walters State, and then she later graduated with her Bachelors degree from Carson Newman. Katie is a great mom, and I know she'll be a great one to her second child that will be making his or her debut at the end of this year! Photographing Katie & Dustin's wedding was fun and easy. The day was actually a little chilly, but because it was raining on and off, we were blessed with some nice, soft lighting. Our goal was to make them laugh and smile as much as possible, but we didn't have to try hard. These two had that look in their eyes, and you can just see the genuine love shining through. We wish these two many years together. They truly are a great match for one another, and you get nothing but good vibes from the Chandlers. We love you all! And Katie, I'm so happy that you are truly happy in life! Make sure to watch the slideshow which highlights their wedding from beginning to end! This set features 34 Iconic Photos of Katharyn and Dustin Chandler Wedding!
44 Iconic Senior Photos of Neven & Nathaniel from Morristown East
Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville is a little late on this post, but better late than never! As many of you know, we have been in the process of completely moving our studio into our new location. Needless to say, the process has taken a little longer than expected. On the bright side, we couldn't ask for a better set of images for the first blog post in our new studio! Neven and Nathaniel are two twin brothers with different personalities, but they share one thing in common; They're both ICONIC! Neven started our session by ballin' out in Morristown East's gym, and Nathaniel finished off our set big with his Mustang on top of the parking garage. Congratulations on your graduation, Neven and Nathaniel! We had a blast photographing your senior portraits, and can't wait to shoot with you in the future - even if we did have to photoshop out a few curling-iron burns...
14 Iconic Photos of Travelers Basketball Player Bryson Hall
Sports fans, athletes, and parents of athletes, Lenz Photography LLC of Knoxville is proud to announce that our 3rd annual round of Iconic Sports Sessions in the studio kicked off this Spring 2018 featuring some of the most amazing athletes East Tennessee has to offer! From Baseball & Softball to Jiu Jitsu to Karate, LENZ specializes in photographing athletes of all sports. With the same high quality production LENZ has used on professional athletes such as Drew Brees, Jason Witten, Rich Froning, Carlos Condit & more, LENZ produces ICONIC results unlike any other! This set features 14 Iconic Photos of Travelers Basketball Player Bryson Hall!