You Are Iconic

Artists Bio

Our names are Philip & Alexandra Lenz. / We didn't change our last name to Lenz. We were destined. / We do take the best photos in the world. We can say that if we want. This is our bio. / We're jokesters. Obviously.

We have done some crazy things in our lives. We have won some pretty cool awards. But, who cares? / We have fun. That's what matters. / We want to take your photograph. / We are very random. / We love our dogs. / Are you still reading? We think that's neat.

We are our biggest critics. / We are older in our minds. Does that make any sense? / Contrast. We love mixed martial arts. We hate the word photographer. / Dubious. We want people to view us as "something else". What exactly? We have no clue. Maybe something with the word wizard incorporated. / Casual. Just call us what you want. As long as you call us.

This was our attempt at writing a bio that reflected our true personalities. / We think most bios sound stale. We wouldn't read a stale bio. We tried to entertain you. / Enjoy the portraits!